Ways to Connect

Thanks for getting in touch. Unfortunately, right now I have a full caseload and won’t be able to take on any new teen clients. However, for the last several years I’ve been creating content to help parents navigate the complex and isolating experience of supporting a gender-questioning child. You have several options:

1. I offer 75-min parent phone consultations. If you’re interested, fill out the form below to get added to the waiting list. This will also sign you up for my free newsletter, which is full of information on sudden-onset gender dysphoria and tips on parenting through it:

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2. My Parent Membership Group where I post my most in-depth and comprehensive resources and conduct live monthly meetings with our group. You can find more info here.

3. My YouTube channel is for parents of gender-questioning kids. There, I post short clips from my Parent Membership Site, quick explainer videos, and long form interviews.

4. To learn even more about my approach you can watch (or listen) to interviews I’ve done on other podcasts and YouTube channels: my appearances page is here.

5. My podcast, Gender: A Wider Lens, which I co-host with Psychotherapist Stella O’Malley, is a great parent-education resource.

6. You can read my blog here.

*Please note: none of the videos or content described here are intended as a substitute for medical or mental health treatment.